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Decoding Card and DVR Card
·C501 Series Decoding Card
·C601 Series DVR card
·C801 Series DVR card
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Partno Mfg QtyDc
XC7K160T-1FBG676I 30
VR61B 新电源 1650 N/A
CM03X5R225M06AH KYOCERA 30000 15 ROHS
F1C540TP ORIGIN 3000 03
2SJ412 TOSHIBA 1960 14 ROHS
1SS119-14TA RENESAS 7100 N/A
RMPA1765 FAI 1905 0718
A993AS-4R7M=P3 SMD电感 2000 TOKO
A993AS-4R7M=P3 TOKO 160000 N/A
DMC1229UFDB-7 DIODES 3354 14
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Main Business
     (1).Electronic Components
       We deal with various kinds of IC parts, such as AD, ST, PHI, TI, ROHM,MURATA,NEC,MOT,MAX etc. All of the parts we offer are new original package,and with competitive price.Besides we have good after-sales services.Most of our parts are in stock and some with few lead time from our suppliers.It is obviously that successful partnerships with suppliers are the basis for everything we offer to our customers.
Further more we have been , TBF Member and IC source member about 5years, got good reputation in the ic area. In a word we are aim to give your our fast, best services.
Give us your enquires, offering you more good opportunities to get good parts with competitive price!
     (2).Products--Decoding Card and DVR card
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